ETDP SETA Programs

ETDP SETA – (Education Training and Development Practices)

Skills Development Facilitator Training

This programme provides Learners with the opportunity to analyse and implement the skills development needs of an organisation. It is focused on the skills development requirements of organisations and the abilities and knowledge needed to analyse, implement and review skills development interventions.

Moderator Training

This course is ideal for people who moderate, or intend to moderate assessments against unit standards and/or qualifications. Moderation is the process, which ensures that assessment of the outcomes described in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) standards and qualifications is fair, reliable and valid.

Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management

Negotiation is a give and take bargaining process that when conducted well, leaves all parties feeling good about the result and committed to achieving it. In this course participants cover both the hard and soft skills of negotiation and conflict management.

Mentoring and Coaching

The Mentoring and Coaching programme focuses on assisting the delegate to understand how to conduct coaching session at the workplace. This is done in order to enhance the individual’s work understanding, performance and skills.